How To Wear A Silk Saree Perfectly Step By Step Tutorial

How To Wear Saree: Trendy Saree Wearing Styles

One of them is sporting a saree with stunning off-shoulder blouses. There are many who are not in the habit of draping a saree. For them pairing them with tricky blouse can turn out to be more stressful. To ease things down, such ladies can use a couple of tricks. Look phenomenal in this Gujarati style drape that you can team with a shirt-style, full sleeves blouse with a unique neckline. Shirt style blouses have gained a cult following lately with women of all walks of life donning them with various necklines and patterns.

The journey of traditional sarees taking the contemporary route has seen a pleasant headway over time which indeed has swarmed the fashion screens and markets alive. Since then it has been tweaked to fit each decade with designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Satya Paul and Sabyasachi Mukherjee giving us the chills these days. Off-late, many innovative saree draping styles are coming into focus.

A Brief History of Cargo Pants: From Military Uniform to Fashion Staple

Among regional dresses, this dress highlights a lady’s curves. If you’ve seen Vidya Balan dancing on ‘Mala Jau De’, you’d have an idea about what this dress looks like. The highlight though, is that some of them come with pockets!

That’s because the need to reinvent the saree has always been on the mind of fashionistas. For saree styles for farewell, the indo-western saree can be a pretty choice. Check out the above video to learn how to wear saree in modern style. If you’re curvy, the butterfly saree draping style would be an amazing pick. This style would be further complimented if you choose a silky fabric which could define your pleats like the iridescent wings of a butterfly. The elegant and classy saree has wowed women for centuries and is still a fierce competition to its Western counterparts pin up casino.

The Gujarati Drape with a Twist

Light Pearl neck wears, and simple gold and platinum jewelry are easily accepted. Pin up the saree with the pallu firmly and do not leave it hanging.

Also, if customization makes your heart tick, don’t forget to check the width of the fabric! You need a minimum of inches width for crafting any of these concept sarees. Sarees can be worn everyday, but when you’re dolling up for a wedding your saree can be your secret weapon to nailing a great wedding look. The fish cut style saree is distinctive majorly because of its petticoat. This petticoat is fitted at the waist and flares at the bottom, which highlights your shape. As you may have already guessed, it is the petticoat that steals the show.


We all know, draping a saree to look slim is not easy. A drape can change the overall look of your saree attire.

It should not be too tight, as anything that is not comfortable will not make you feel and look good. Do try something funky – A printed petticoat might look very exciting with a very transparent saree. Ensure the blouse is very well tailored and fits perfectly.

How to Wear a Saree For a Wedding : Saree Draping Guide

It truly is up to your imagination to create one of the kind draping styles, these are just a few examples. Team it up with wedges or flip-flops and add a blend of uniqueness to your saree.

Atpur, a small village in Hooghly, West Bengal was known for weaving coarser sarees for everyday wear. The casual style of draping sarees got its name “atpourey” meaning informal from here. It is rather simple, doesn’t require careful pleating, and used to be a convenient way for women to carry their keys by tying the keyring at the end of the pallav. If traditional is what you want to retain, drape this saree the conventional way and wear it with an off shoulder, or fit-n-flair top. You can play around with different top styles like- halter, a bikini style with a matching jacket. When wearing a cold-shoulder, you can pull out your pallu from the cutout for a dramatic look.

Pay Mind To Pleats

The pant style saree walked off the runway and entered the showrooms of high street brands in 2018, and is one of the trending saree designs. Primarily clean and neatly organized hair is the symbol of a corporate woman. It shows how hygienic and organized you are, personally and impacts your personality very strongly. We understand that you may have a gorgeous collection of heavy silk sarees or fancy stone/metal work sarees.

It would give you the exact height and would never need readjustments. Too much jewelry or too little can also make you look shorter. Add statement pieces to your look that’ll only make the entire ensemble look longer. Just make sure you don’t add a necklace, ring, earrings, and bangles all at once. If you’re wearing a neckpiece, go lighter on the ears and so on. Blouses are supposed to be well-fitted so that you can flaunt your curves in the traditional drape.

Check The Fitting Of The Blouse

You can create the full effect by wearing your favorite shirt and knotting it in the front or back to show off that midriff. Try bringing the two worlds together by picking traditional crafts like Batik, Indigo or Kalamkari. Roll up those sleeves when sporting plaid and throw in some killer shades.

Sarees sliding off the shoulders are considered a wardrobe malfunction and we must avoid it. Most of us love to wear a saree to the office but we often give up on the idea because of one of the following notions. Therefore, you must make sure that the blouse is perfectly fitted.

How to wear your sari in interesting ways this season

To get this look, team a lehenga or skirt with your favourite silk saree and blouse. Make sure the petticoat is never visible beneath the saree or at the foot. The fabric, whether it be a saree, dupatta, or scarf, is the only element that has the power to make or destroy an outfit. Make sure you pick the appropriate fabric if you want to appear poised and sophisticated. Choose a fabric that highlights your curves and suits your body shape.

It goes a long way in being able to flaunt that shape. Now, remember – the diaphanous sarees are meant to be flaunted. Flaunt your curves in the transparent saree, which is probably the most sensuous garment ever.

Learn How to Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly: Step by Step

Picking a saree with patterns that incline towards the contemporary palette would keep you on trend. Bring in the glitz and glam of embroidery or embrace your rustic roots by wrapping yourself in a quintessential saree and teaming up with a complimentary cape. You can play with the draping style by choosing to pin up the Pallu over or under the cape. Walk tall in this style by adding a pair of stilettos and get all the heads turning. For the main wedding event, it would be valuable for you to know how to wear wedding silk saree. A silk saree can add a lot of glam to any elaborate event.

Want to know how our peeps in Maharashtra style the saree in India? This awesome Marathi style saree is also known as the Nauvari saree drape.

Latest style of wearing saree- Modern take on the versatile saree!

A unique feature of the saree is that different regions have their own saree draping styles. But this versatile attire lets you add your personal touch to it as well. Traditionally, all sarees used to be worn with ready-made, standard sized, cotton petticoats that came with a drawstring. One would choose a petticoat that matched the base colour of the saree it was to be worn with and there wasn’t much more to it. Today, petticoats are available in a variety of fabrics, patterns and styles and can even be made to order to fit your body type.

When we’re learning how to drape a saree to look slim, we need to first figure which type of saree can be incorporated in our fashion statement. In this article, we’ve included a little bit about saree draping styles to look slim. This will help you understand how to wear a saree to look slim step by step.

Tops Doubling for Blouses

– Choose a saree with thin zari borders if you are on the shorter side. If you are wearing a Mysore silk saree at work, pin up the pleated saree completely. This South Indian silk saree is a great alternative to salwar suit when you are heading to work or a semi-formal occasion. – If you are tall, go for a saree with bigger borders. When you are draping the saree, ensure that the pleats are pressed carefully. – Women who have an olive or dark complexion can opt for shades like pink, maroon and green.

A lucky few may have conquered the whole nine yards in style, and then there are some who carry a bunch of safety pins at the ready every time they wear a saree. Love it or struggle with it, what none of us can ignore is the undeniable charms of the saree. Today we will tell you that if you pin up the saree properly, then half the problem related to saree draping will be reduced automatically. Here’s a short video illustrating the Bengali atpourey style of draping sarees. Cinching your sari with a logo buckle belt or an obi belt is a fail-safe approach. Pleat and pin up your pallu, and swap the necklace with earrings instead to complete this look.

Learn How to Wear Butterfly Style Saree: Step by Step

Whereas the introduction of Mysore silk sarees was done by Maharaja of Mysore, Krishna Raj Vadhiyar who travelled to London to attend Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Celebration. He was inspired by the machine-made silk fabrics that the royal families wore. He then imported around 32 power looms to India and thus started manufacturing of Mysore silk sarees. Initially, these sarees were more prominently used among the royal families.

This is one of the most popular contemporary saree draping styles. It looks gorgeous with trending sarees like silk, light-weight sarees and georgette as these have the right texture to emphasise the drapes. To get this look, merely pin up one side of the pallu to the blouse and let fall into place.

South Indian Saree Style-

Basically, big prints cover more space, which is the first reason why you shouldn’t opt for them in a sari. They make you look broader than you are, and there won’t be a ‘break’ in the pattern.

This is why the fish cut style will make you look like a pretty mermaid in your alluring chiffon saree. What if you could combine the ease of wearing a pair of jeans with the elegant look of the saree?

How to Wear Cotton Saree to Look Slim-

A fresh take on the Maharashtrian saree, the dhoti saree is twisted over pants to give off that fusion vibe. Not only the draping style but the blouse can be played with too, team it up with a flared, off-shoulder blouse and walk it all with oomph and style. You could choose fabrics for the petticoat from satin, silk, and cotton. With an adjustable drawstring and no extra frills at the petticoat.

When it comes to off-shoulder blouses, the fitting of it becomes essential so that even when it sleeves slide from its place, the bodice can support the entire piece. We strongly suggest silk or lycra petticoats in the perfect match. Please buy long petticoats and adjust to the exact height after wearing your shoes. We’re real people and real people have different types of bodies. You really don’t need to lose weight or be of the ideal height to look great in a saree.


Mysore Silk Sarees come from the most famous silk-producing district in Karnataka called Mysore. About 45% of total silk production in the country comes from Karnataka itself. Mysore Silk Sarees are a pure, elegant artwork made of silk threads with golden zari and brocade designs.

Vertical stripes give your frame an illusion of being tall and can help you feign your height. However, do make sure that you keep accessories to a minimum since the patterns will always be too much for you to handle. Never wear a petticoat that’s too loose, it will only make it harder for you to handle the saree.