The farmhouse trend is on the rise thanks to Joanna Gaines + Fixer Upper. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t hitched a ride on the farmhouse style bandwagon. You could even say that it was our inspiration! Since we are in the Pacific Northwest, our style is a bit more modern though. Lovejoy Workshop Trade Dress Inspiration came from mixing aged woods and forged metals, but will also feature traditional farmhouse details.

You Won’t Want to Leave

It’s exciting to open a new business, but coming up with all the visual elements that make up a company’s Trade Dress is a bit overwhelming. Trade Dress is legal jargon that describes the styling of a business or the overall look and feel of the business. We want our customers to love the way our store looks, as much as they enjoy attending our workshops.

Lovejoy Workshop Trade Dress Inspiration

Here is the overall look and feel we are aiming for. As promised, we are mixing in traditional farmhouse elements such as shiplap and a sliding barn door. We are rounding out this look with a wooden rustic “x” cash-wrap and bar.

It’s All in the Details

We will start with a neutral color palette and layer in warm wood tones, fabric details, and metal. Layering these elements creates a timeless design style. Lovejoy Workshop will also feature Modern Farmhouse Décor sold in our retail area and used to decorate our space. Traditional farmhouse touches will be added throughout.

Floor plans + Flexibility

Executing this look is a whole different ball game. We had to be very specific with what details were going where and how we were planning on bringing the whole look together. You can see from our floor plan below that we tried to be as detailed as possible, but you also have to be willing to pivot and make changes. You can’t possibly foresee everything in the design phase and you have to be flexible.

We can’t wait to see our vision become a reality. Leave a comment below with your favorite farmhouse trend. More construction updates coming soon!

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