Teen Nice is the New Cool | Lovejoy Workshop

Teen + Tween Design Gallery

Looking for something new and creative for your teen or tween to do? We offer a wide variety of Standard Wood,  Wood Plank, and Fabric Hanging Banner Designs for them to choose from. In fact, we are offering new designs on a weekly basis. Want a totally unique design? We are always happy to design something custom just for your teen/tween (for a small fee). We also have birthday parties or team building events at our workshop.

Your teen or tween can choose either aStandard Wood,  Wood Plank, and Fabric Wall Hanging (must be a vertical design). Our signs are roughly 14 in. by 18 in. in size (for our wood projects) and 12 in by 14 in. (Hanging Banners).  These signs are just the perfect size to add to your Teen/Tweens walls, bookshelves, or even placed on their desk! In addition to selecting the type of sign and sign design, they will also get to choose from our selection of paint and stain colors.

Check out the full list of classes on our Workshop Calendar.