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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference. Stickers are an easy and fun way to decorate your favorite water bottle, stick them on your laptop, or even your favorite notebook. Spread the love and add something cute + trendy, your favorite houseplant, or add some good vibes in your life. 

Lovejoy Stickers | Water bottle

Small Batch Stickers

At Lovejoy we are always aware of our environmental footprint. You can rest easy knowing that all of our inks are eco-friendly. Our sticker stock is water proof, to ensure our stickers will withstand your daily abuse. Plus, our laminate is scratch proof to keep your sticker looking fresh. And did we mention that we only print in small batches? This eliminates waste and ensures that we can easily keep up the changing trends to constantly bring you new designs. 

Water Proof Material | Lovejoy

water proof

eco friendly

Scratch Proof | Lovejoy

scratch proof


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custom stickers

We LOVE custom orders and can’t wait to
hear all about your project! There are no
minimus required. Plus, we have a wide
assortment of options including our
standard sticker stock, clear, holographic,
and more.

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